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"Dalia Koss' jewelry is absolutely fabulous. The variety of stones and designs are incredible. The prices are very low considering the quality of the stones, craftsmanship and the piece's originality. I have an extraordinary 14 K Gold Australian Opal and Tahitian Pearl necklace from Dalia Koss'. It is so beautiful and unique, everyone notices it. When I have it on, it is like I am royalty - it is almost magical how her creations make you feel."
- Jurate Navickas St. Petersburg , Florida

"Dalia, Thank you for thinking of me. Best of luck with your designs. - Renee Zellweger

"Dear Dalia, I'm so happy to wear your design jewelry, everywhere I go everyone old or young, women or man compliments on my necklaces, It makes my day, I'm receiving hundreds of compliments. Thank you for your beautiful work. I will be back. Love,"
- Gail Newman New York

"Dear Dalia, words cannot adequately express our deep thanks and appreciation for the unique jewelry you design. Me and my daughter Kimberly absolutely love our necklaces, we are wearing your pieces of art every day. How many compliments was received!! Good willing, be well, God bless you. We will see you soon."
- Cynthia and Jim - Washington DC

"Dear Dalia, Arnie and I LOVE your jewelry and your flair!!! We will treasure each piece. I'm wearing every piece of your art almost every day. Sincerely, "
- Arnie & Lina - Malibu California

"Dear Dalia, Thanks so much for the gorgeous black pearl necklace, turquoise necklace and pearl earrings. You made my day. I never see so many pieces of beautiful jewelry in one place. I'm speechless. I truly appreciate the beauty of your work."
- Nikki Callaway - Boston MA

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Welcome to the online store of Dalia Koss unique jewelry. Please browse our collection of one-of-a-kind pieces or send us a note with your thoughts.

Each piece of jewelry you see on this website is personally designed and handcrafted by Dalia Koss. Each one is unique and will not be available again once bought either online or in the store.